Monday, 4 December 2017

Beach Week (s) Begins...

We began our EOTC programme today. John's base group have been sailing. We have also begun our own inquiries on the beach. We have all generated questions and have been observing and thinking like scientists. We also spent some time weeding in the dunes and giving back to our community. 

Here is the programme for the rest of the Beach Week (s): Parent Sign Up Sheet: Beach Weeks.

Please make sure that you have given permission for your child to take part in the activities. 

Here are some of the questions that we have generated: 
Where do crabs fit in with the food chain?
Do different species like different habitats?
How many crabs will be down at worser bay beach?
Where are starfish eyes?
Why do starfish crumble?
Do starfish make sound?
What types of sea life can we find in a Rock pool?
How warm can rock pools get after the sun is on them the whole day?
How much do rock pools change after an hour, 2 hours etc?
Can sea anemones be different colours?
What is the average amount of fish in rock pools?
What types of fish are in the rock pools?
Are there different types of rock pools?
What types of sea anemones are there?
What types of crabs are there?
What do the different colours on fish and sea anemones mean?
Why are snails made of slime?
Why are snails slimy?
What stage are snails on the food chain?
Why are snails slimy?
What stage are snails on the food chain?
How do snails breathe?
How many different types of snail are at worser bay beach?
How does the moon control the tide?
Why doesn’t the tide stay the same?
What is seaweed made out of?
Why is seaweed different colours?
Why is seaweed slimy?
What Is algae?
What are the most common type of algae?
Does It look like seaweed
Is algae helpful for us?
Is algae important in any way, If so why?
How is sand made?
What different rocks can make sand?
What is sand?
What different types of sand are at Worser Bay?

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