Sunday, 3 December 2017

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind? Reflections

Greer T: My healthy body healthy mind reflection is...
What went well was my running and pushing myself harder and being more motivated. I think I am proud of making my decision in the highly competitive because I am running with more pressure on my back. How has being healthier affected my mind? It has affected my mind because I have been more organised and relaxed And I have been proud of making good decisions about my healthy body and healthy mind. My next steps are to stay organised and relaxed and train harder for the duathlon.

Oscar: Term four healthy body healthy mind reflection
I rate my self as a 3/5 because I didn’t push my self enough but I got fitter and think I can do lots of sports. My next steps are to... carry on with the fitness build up so I can do much better at the duathlon and the next cross country and other fitness. What am I proud of the fitness level that I’ve come up to which has enabled me to run and swim faster than before.

Alex G: Reflection on healthy body healthy mind
I am proud that I am waking up later so I am more onto it. Being healthier has effected my mind by making me like to run way more and not walk as much. I rate my effort a 5/5 because I tried as hard as I could and I think I am fitter than I was before. I think could have done better by running the whole way rather than walking some of the way. I think my next steps are to drink lots of water before running because then I wont get tired as fast.

Hugo W: Healthy body Healthy mind
After all the school runs I have been feeling a lot more healthy. I have also felt like I can run for longer without taking a break. I rate myself a 3 ½ because I have been getting a lot more fit but I think could of taken less breaks.

Mia: My healthy body healthy mind reflection
For my effort I rate myself a 4 because I tried hard but sometimes I did the easy option. I am proud because every week day I had no sugar and it effects my mind because a healthy snack helps me think better. I could of improved my pace by always trying to get into my VT2 system. My next steps are to do long runs outside of school and play running games at playtime. I could and will do more stretching after a run.

Alba: Healthy body, healthy mind reflection
I am proud of myself because I have done a lot of exercise. My healthy body has not affected my mind. I could of done a bit more stretching and exercise. I got into VT2 most of the times I did exercise but I tried my best. My next steps are to do more exercise and remember to stretch after exercising.

Joel: Healthy body healthy mind reflection
I feel like this inquiry has helped be more healthy and makes be want to run around more. It also helps me wake up and go to sleep easier.

We are looking forward to our duathlon on Wednesday. We are raising money for KidsCan. You can donate: 

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