Friday, 1 December 2017

Minecraft Eco-House Competition Winner... Alex G!

Some of our students entered a Minecraft Competition run by Interface. All of our entries were awesome and thank you to the ICT student council for organising this at Worser Bay School. 

And the winner of the Primary (Year 1-6) is... Alex G!  

See: Minecraft Marvels on Interface

This is a movie of the winning Eco House: 

My house is a hay bail house and it's also a small house.
This is my house I have solar panels, wheat farm, windmill, clay floors and a vege garden.
It is a hay bail house because it insulates my house the hay has come from ground.
I have designed this house so the windows are facing the sun meaning I dont need my lights on all the time and the house stays warm. (solar gain)
I have clay floors because it is a natural material and if there was a sunny day and a cold night it would make the house warmer because it sucks in the heat and then it pushes the heat into the house.
The rain comes off the roof and then it gets caught and then it gets used for water in the house.
The house is orientated towards the sun and it uses the energy to heat the house.
My solar panels are on the roof and they use the energy of the sun to charge the panels and this gives me power to use my lights and to heat my water.
I also have a fire to heat my home and to also help heat my water and use sticks and wood from my tree plantation.
My wheat and vege garden help produce food to eat and to feed to my animals so I can get more of them.
My windmill will also generate power for my house.
I have used timber on my house from my tree plantation.
I have a stone wall that will keep the heat in.  
I have glass walls so that the heat from the sun comes in to heat the house.

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