Tuesday, 31 July 2018

In a world without Maths...


If we lived in a world without maths we wouldn’t know were everyone lives because were would the door NUMBERS go because numbers are maths aren’t they? 
If we lived in a world without maths we wouldn’t have food that was made because measuring is maths isn’t it? 
If we lived in a world with no maths you wouldn’t have clothes because you have to count and measure how much fabric to have. 
What would you do without maths? Measuring, counting, weighing... WHAT WOULD YOU DO I WONDER?



If we lived in a world without math people wouldn’t have houses because there will be no measurements. You wouldn’t know where anyone lives. You wouldn’t know how much water to drink and there would be no liquid medicine. If you live in a world with no math you would have no clothes. People won’t have toys to play with and no one would be happy.

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  1. Dear Friends
    Thank you all so much for the feedback that you gave our class on our digital photographs. It was really invaluable and helped our class make some final decisions about our competition entries. It was wonderful that you took the time to write such detailed comments. We really appreciate it.
    Room Six, Auroa Primary School