Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Making musical instruments on Friday!

This term we have been making musical instruments for the music inquiry. I am making a box guitar that when you flip around, it is a box drum. All of the materials have to come from home. You can start doing it at home if you want to but you don't have to if you don't have time which is ok with us. We are making these amazing instruments this week ( on the 27th of July) Friday
By Megan PC

This term we are having another music inquiry. All students in Mahutonga/Matariki will take part in an exciting music show.

This Friday all students in years 4-6 will be making their own instruments. Students need to have an idea of what they’re going to make.
If students don’t think they can make their instrument in one day they are welcome to start it at home.

Please bring the materials you need for instrument on Friday, that’s this Friday.

Here are some links for homemade instruments if your child does not have an idea. Next page.
By Stephanie

We are making instruments to play at our music festival in term three. I am making a box drum that I can sit on and bang with my hands.
You will need your own materials otherwise you will not have anything to make and nothing to play.

If you do not know what your going to make go onto literacy links, it has lots of ideas you can make something from things in in the garbage bin and out of anything - reuse recycle and even tell other people about it.
By Molly J

We are making instruments to play at our term 3 music inquiry. I am making a box drum.
A box drum is a drum but you sit on it and tap it on the front and it makes a sound like a drum. Everyone is bringing their own materials this Friday and that is when the all the craziness starts! If you want to start making your own, you can go to worser bay literacy links and look around and you will probably find something that might interest you. Go on! You know what, just look at everything you know! We do this every year, we have a festival celebrating our term learner attribute is goal setting.
By Lily

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