Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Learning about maps through discussion

We have been learning about mapping and coordinates. We have been working in a helping circle so that we can learn from each other and help each other out. We are learning about how to discuss mathematical ideas in a respectful way. 

Some of our discussion...
James and Daisy: We thought it looked like battleships.
Kate: When finding coordinates you need to crawl before you fly!
Charlotte: When finding coordinates you need to crawl before you climb.
Griffin: The map is 11 by 14 or 11 X 14. It is a multiplication grid.
Rim: The area is the inside space.
Lily: Times what is on the side and what is on top (row and column).
Hadley: This is a locating map. For example, " I want to meet my friend at (J, 8) I am at (A, 2). I need to meet up with him by following directions.

We are learning from each other!

Coordinate maps
We drew a map with squares on it (a grid). We drew pictures on it like UFOs, pigs, fences or anything you wanted. We were coordinating for example, the pig is (A, 7).
By Dylan

This is Daisy's map:

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