Friday, 21 August 2015

Nicky Hager's Visit

Nicky Hager's Visit By Gretel

On Wednesday we had Nicky Hager come in and talk to us about what he does as a job and a living. He told us two examples of what he did and then one of what we could do to help.

The first one was about how he helped stop Nuclear Weapons coming in to New Zealand from over in Great Britain and America. Nicky and his friends took little boats out from Worser Bay to try to stop massive warships, as high as a three story building coming into the harbour. This attracted attention from the Newspapers and soon everybody had an opinion on the issue.

His second example was to help save New Zealand's Native forests from getting chopped down. This is also related to the guy who climbed up the Kauri and stayed up there for three days to stop it from being cut down. The whole idea was to get attention so more people would know about it and it would be in the News on the Radio or wherever they would get attention.  This is how ordinary people can bring about change.

He also told us about his work as a writer in which he has to be an ‘Information Detective’, searching for clues in documents in the Parliamentary Library, as much looking for what has been written as for what has been left out.

He suggested that if we felt something was unfair we could take some action too.  That might just involve helping people out, like when we did the baking for the church or just asking good questions which make people think about what is fair.  It’s another type of Manaakitanga.

By Gretel

Nicky Hager from Matariki on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow, that is amazing - top work whoever arranged for Nicky to be there and I hope it was fun for the kids!