Thursday, 13 August 2015

Janet's Visit

We have been learning about different people in our community. We are also interested in what inspires people to write.
Janet (Ben's mum) came in to talk to us this morning about her writing career. She has a published novel called, "the shark party." We all thought it was super interesting.  She read us a page of her novel with a character called Carla. She also read us two poems, one was about swiss chocolate, and one was about muse. Muse is a cloud that has ideas for writing in it. Swiss chocolate is called chocolat. She came up with the muse poem when she was walking her dog on the beach. Most of us want to be writers after hearing Janet talk about it. Some of us had questions about her career and we found out her favorite writer is J.K Rowling,  and some people had the same favorite children's author. When she was a kid, her favorite writer was Canadian writer who lived on an island.

By Liv

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