Friday, 7 August 2015

Questioning for our research

As part of our inquiry, "who is in our community?" we have been learning about what kind of questions to ask and the need to come back to some of our big inquiry questions:

  • Who are the people living in my backyard?  Who is in my community? Where is my community?
  • What is community?
  • How do I affect my backyard/environment?
  • What can I contribute to my backyard/environment/community?

We have learnt the importance of asking green light questions:

Red light questions can be important too: 

We looked at some of the students' trips and did a PMI on how well they linked their interview questions to our big inquiry questions.

We came up with success criteria for asking questions on a trip:

  • I have good questions
  • I can keep the interviewee talking by asking relevant questions
  • My questions are connected (flow)
  • I was well organised

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