Thursday, 27 August 2015

Poets Shout Out!

Over the last few weeks we have met all sorts of incredible people, each with their own amazing story to tell.  We have been writing poems from these people’s points of views, using their ‘voice’, trying to understand what it must be like to live through these experiences.  
So what have we been actually learning? We have been:
  • developing empathy
  • showing manaakitanga, uplifting the mana of others  
  • becoming writers with important things to say
  • becoming aware of issues of fairness and justice
  • understanding that there is a course of action if you feel that something is wrong or unfair
  • learning about different community groups which are part of Miramar and considering the needs of these people
It is exciting to see people motivated and inspired in their learning and quite moving to read the poems they have been working on.

not a penny, 
no one to notice me, 
box as my home, 
best friend is a stone, 
my home is not like one of your
zap zap 
no drip drip fancy
no one notices me
I am homeless
by Ben

I am Homeless

I wake same old empty stomach,
Scattered leaves no warmth,
Dense bush,
Over head,
Sunlight streams,
Gentle trickle,
None of last night snack,

Deserted forest,

Sadness takes over again,

No place of my own,
No home,

Birds whistling

Only spirited thing,
My only belongings,




Rags for clothes,

No one cares,

No one,

No one noticed me,
I’m all alone,
All I am is homeless,

By Emma  

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