Thursday, 23 July 2015

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette by Liv and Gretel

This week we have been thinking about manners and expectations of emailing. We have been learning about this over the past week.

We have been thinking about manaakitanga and how email etiquette helps us to use manaakitanga in our emails as well as in person.

We came up with what we think are good examples of email

To: Frankie CC: Hanne, Jack M
From: Gretel
Subject: Bad Day
Dear Frankie,
I understand how you are feeling. We all have our bad days. We could organise a play for on Saturday. We could practice some sports and go to a cafe. Do you have any ideas on what we could do after? Hopefully you are feeling better after planning this play.
The team!

To: Church
From: Chester, Takehisa, Evie, And Liv
Subject: School Visit
Hi Margaret,
We are a group of students from Worser Bay School and we are interested in finding out about people in the community.
We were wondering if we could visit your Church? If so, could we come next Thursday at 1 pm? Or are there any alternative times that we could visit?
Please reply so we can get permission.
Thanks heaps!

We have co-constructed our own WBS email rules: 

Worser Bay School
Student Email Expectations and Etiquette

  • Include a clear subject line as a header so people can identify if it is relevant to them.
  • Remember your online manners. Say please, thank you etc.
  • Say “hello” and “goodbye.”
  • Address the person that you are talking to e.g. “Dear Jude”.
  • Check who you are sending it to before you send.
  • ‘Reply to All’ option should only be selected if you really need everyone on the list to see your reply.
  • Do not send group emails e.g. “everyone” or “mahutonga2015” unless you have been given permission by a teacher.
  • Do not respond to emails that are inappropriate. Report these emails to one of your teachers.

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