Thursday, 2 July 2015

Planning our own trip: The Roxy- who is in our community?

 On Monday the 29th, Asha, Frankie, Chanel, Eloise and Gretel went on a trip to the Roxy to find out more about the history of the site.

We found out that there was a cinema at the same place as Roxy in 1928 it, then closed down in 1964 because at that time people started getting television and there wasn't enough money to keep the business going. It was  then just an empty site until the owners of the Roxy now came along and decided to build another cinema on top. They removed each wall brick by brick, but left the wall where you come in.

We got a tour of the projection room. They were screening The Minion movie. Valentina showed us how the machines worked!
It was so dark!
By Asha and Frankie

Trip to the Roxy from Matariki on Vimeo.

Roxy - By Gretel and Eloise

On Monday 29th  we went to Roxy to find out more about the site and building.
Before the Roxy was built, in 1924  there used to be a building called the Capitol Theatre. The Capitol Theatre closed down in 1964 because people started getting television and there wasn’t enough money to keep a Cinema going.

After the cinema closed the space was divided into seven different spaces all for different shops and it became a mini mall area.

In 2009 they took down the Old Cinema/Shopping Malls but they kept the front wall where you walk in! It took one year to plan and one year to build! Roxy then opened in 2011.
The first Movie they showed when Roxy opened was King Kong  premiere and that was sold out! The other times that they were sold out were when the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Tintin were showing. Overall, we all found it very interesting and we got to go into the projecting room! Minions was showing in Cinema one!

By Gretel and Eloise

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