Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wellington Indian Sport Centre: Who is in our community?

Wellington Indian Sport Centre     

On Wednesday Asha, Eloise, Frankie, and Gretel went to Wellington Indians Sport Centre

We spoke to the president of WISC, her name was Hansa Parbhu. One of the questions we asked her was how old is WISC? And the answer was 23 years old since we have developed it into a Sport and Cultural Centre. We then asked What was here before WISC? And the answer was a Vacuum Cleaner factory! We learnt a lot about going to this place. Me, Eloise and Frankie play for Indians and we learnt a lot more about the turf as well. We learnt that it was a Concrete area before renovation and it took around 3~4 Months to make it a turf! It was really fun and interesting!

By Gretel

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