Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I am a Thinker: Questioning!

This term our Learner Attribute we have been focussing on is 'I am a Thinker'. Within that we have been learning about questioning - even questioning ABOUT questioning!

What makes a good question? 
Today we tried to improve the following questions:

What makes a bad question?
What distinguishes a good question from a bad one?
Are there some questions which are better than others?
Is Where better than How?
Is Which better than Why?
How can we develop a question?
How can we DRAFT, CRAFT, EDIT and SHAPE a question?
Can we further develop a question to make it better?

What did Wellington look like? Who doesn’t have enough in New Zealand? Where is Te Reo Maori spoken? How can we look after people better? Who invented the light bulb? What happens when a new factory begins making something in an area?

Some of us have moved ourselves up the Maunga. The Maunga represents where we evaluate ourselves to be in our Learning Journey. Currently we are focussing on questioning so as you feel you grow in your knowledge and strength of questioning, you can climb up the mountain (maunga). 

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