Thursday, 8 February 2018

Poetry inspired by Rata and the Tree

Some of us read the story of Rata and the Tree. Feel free to read here Rata and the Tree.
We  are exploring Rata's responsibility - "to teach the younger generations about respecting the children of Tāne" in our Forest Protectors Inquiry.

We discussed the different characters in the myth wrote poetry that was inspired by a character's feeling. 

Here is some of our work!

As I thunder upon the village, the people passing anything in their way.
Leaving old people lying on the ground, leaving children alone. I’m thrashing trees, ripping as easy as blowing a feather. As everyone retreats,I leave… warning them I’ll be back.

As I Iet my tornados rip, it’s like watching a movie except movies haven’t been invented. As my tornado slowly shrinks down, my fun has come to an end.
By Ben Bo

You ignorant son,

What have you done,

You have made

A mistake that

Can’t be undone.

You have cut down a tree,

And upset us all…

So now you will feel,

The full power of us all!
By Edward

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