Monday, 12 February 2018

Questioning and Inquiry

Student Inquiry is at the heart of learner agency. Students need to be able to ask good questions to chase their curiosity and wonderings. This helps students to build on the knowledge that they already have.

This term, the learner attribute that we are focussing on is "I am a thinker." An important part of being a thinker  is being able to ask good questions. We would like our students to design and ask red, orange and green light questions.

Our learners thought about the different types of questions when writing our own for the "Forest Protector" Inquiry. Here are some of them: 

We have also made an "attribute mountain" so students can see how we are going with their questioning. The avatars will climb up the mountain as our students improve their questioning abilities.  

Please ask us at home about our questions and how we will go about finding out what we are curious about...

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