Thursday, 15 February 2018

Poetry: The Best Words in the Best Order.

Poems;  We have been writing about some of our experiences including sailing last week.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge suggested;
‘Poetry; the best words in the best order’.  
We liked that idea and have been playing with words, thinking about their order and which ones might be ‘best’.

Wading out like an old dingy,
Water glistening like a diamond,  
Waves shoving me to shore,
Like rough hands.

Shells shining up at me,
Sail flapping,
Crabs dancing,
Rudder wheezing,
Rope calising my fingers
Seaweed crackling, popping, spitting.

                                                         By Zach

There, sitting on windows
Ground getting further away
Birds laughing at us
The crank of rudders

                                      By Ollie

Calm water
Far from the beach
Flapping sail
Water Sploshing
Hardwood tiller
People falling out of boats
Fishy smells

                                      By Matthias

Water glistening in the sun
Waves pulling you to shore
Blue, soft, raw, nervous
Long, deep, rocky, windy
Flipping in the water
Freezing, scary, still.

                                   By Cruz.


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