Friday, 29 June 2018

EBIS visit for Year 6 students

 On Friday we visited EBIS. We were welcomed with a powhiri then had some former students from Worser Bay School - Betty, Isaac and Jasper, talk to us about EBIS and what they like about it.We also were able to join in and experience some of the speciality areas they have - technology, food, art and science. It was a great day and full of fun.

EBIS reflection Today I went to EBIS and it was really fun. first we got welcomed by powhiri (which was really nice and welcoming). Then we got put in groups and got a feeling of being in home rooms so that was fun in home rooms we did a koohat which is a kiwi kids quiz.  Then we went to morning tea and got to see Hayley and all my older friends. And then we did SPEC and I did design tech and we meet Mr Far he was really funny and nice and he was also really good at magic. I went to foods which was really really really fun I love food tech.  After lunch we had a chose of dance, Ako, sport, music and singing I choose sport and we played volley ball and it was soooooooooooooo fun. After that we made groups of three my was Me Daisy and Orla and we made a poppy it was a competition who’s is the best structure and height. And then sadly it was time to say goodbye😭 I had a really really fun time at EBIS thanks EBIS for welcoming us to your school.
By Milla

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  1. selamat pagi (Hello in malay) it is Alastair here from brunei .i enjoyed reading about your ebis trip and i really hope to see you there next year. it is really hot here so you need to wear a hat. my school is a eco school as well and i is really big because it has 1,987 pupils and it is very busy. brunei has the last true rainforest, my house is big and i have monkeys in my garden. we also get crocodiles and snakes. my school does not have a playground but is has a theatre,agym and a olympic swimming pool. my class is called 6b. i miss worserbay and i really looking foward to coming back because wellington is the best.From Alastair