Thursday, 21 June 2018

Positive purpose: Choir Trip

A group of singers walked down to Miramar North Kindergarten and sang some songs for them. They also sang to us! It was lovely. We do activities like this to share Positive Purpose. By singing for them, we hoped to make them feel good and therefore make us feel good. I know that we felt really special when they sang their practiced songs to us! We felt  Positive Accomplishment walking back to school, knowing we had shared our happiness. 

We did a Quick Write before we left about WHY we are doing. 
I am sharing music with the kids at the kindergarten. I want the kids to feel happy. I think I will feel good for sharing our happiness.
By Hunter R

We want everyone to feel happy. Like if you are sad maybe sing a song in your head.We love and like sharing the music. We want people to feel proud and happy like never before!
By Stella

I want to sing my best because I want them to feel happy. I remember when I was there are I loved it when people came in. I think they are really lucky as well.
I have achieved my goal because I think I made some kids laugh and smile.
By Jessie

The positive purpose for singing in the choir is to sing for free to kids. They would like it and so would we. We can spread the joy.
By Mia

I want the kids there to feel happy and to jump around and to have fun and I most importantly we all wanted to have fun. What I feel after is to feel that I made the kids have fun. Why we are doing this is because we want the kids to have lots of fun and to sing along if that want to.

By Lily S

I would like the kids to feel happy. Because if you see that you made someone happy it makes you feel happy. Plus we are sharing our happiness and are joy. Afterwards I will feel proud that we are sharing our kindness with the community.

By Ben B

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