Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Getting hooked into music!

On Friday, we did a music rotation. We had lots of different music activities. One of them was following music with our finger.  We did it by swaying our finger in the direction of the music. Many pointed there finger upward on high notes and downward on low notes. Sometimes it went too quickly for us (e.g we couldn't follow it because it went to fast), so we began wobbling our finger or making circles. After playing each different piece of music we talked about what we did for certain parts of it. Lots of different stuff happened and hardly anyone's was the same. One particular person  kept standing up and sitting down during the music. Tt was quite creative and clever and lots of the music was tricky (such as samba) mainly because of its speed still everyone had fun.

By Nye

We listened to these two pieces, a samba and one classical piece.

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