Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Our Array City

Array City

Today the Year Four kids made an Array City. Each person made a different building to put on the wall. On the buildings there were time tables to help us remember them.

An array is equal rows and columns. We can make equations from these like 7 X 8 = 56 or 8 X 7 = 56. We can also do repeated addition. Some kids based their building on a real buildings and some just made it up. Now that you know what an array city is you can make one!!

By Marnie and Zoe

We have been learning about arrays because it helps us to visualise Maths in different ways. It also helps us to develop "Number Sense". We have been thinking about multiplication, division, repeated addition, fractions, area and shape! It is great to see how Maths is connected and how we can think about it in different ways. 

What is Number Sense? 

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