Thursday, 4 August 2022

Charity Services

 On Tuesday Francesca from Charity Services came to visit us as part of our inquiry into positive purpose and caring for others.

"Francesca (Said Fran-ches-ca) from Charity Services (CS), came to visit us. She told us about herself, and what the CS do to help people who want to start a fundraising charity. 

She told us that there are 28,137 charities in NZ, that's about 1 charity for every 180 people in NZ (There are 5,127,100 people in Aotearoa). 

She also told us that charity law is old, Queen Elizabeth 1 created these laws in order to try and wipe out poverty: 

  • In England, the Church looked after people in need till the middle ages. 

  • Priests knew the people who needed help and they would help them with food, education, hospitals"

By Olive

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