Thursday, 11 August 2022

Learning to Paint our Landscapes (and Apples)

 We have been working on a Visual Arts project for the last couple of weeks, first of all learning how to control the paint brush, blend paint and manage a controlled colour palette.  We have also been sketching, drawing what we see and feel.

The Artist Models we have been using are local artist Melvin Day, Toss Woollaston and Nigel Brown.  Melvin Day lived in Seatoun until he died about 5 years ago.  His view of the mountains is almost identical to the view we look out on everyday. 

We will continue to build up our paintings but here are some of our initial efforts.

Using only black and white, how much contrast, light and dark can we show?

The sketches....... 


                                                                           Beginning to paint................

The Paintings!

We have been learning new techniques, shading and layering paint.  I think it is clear that we are really in the Flow!

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