Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Wellington City Mission

When Murray Edridge from the Wellington City Mission came to talk to us about what he did we were all very interested and asked him some questions about what the Wellington City Mission did and we asked him about his job. 

He told us about what The Mission does to help homeless people and how they will try to help them get essentials like food, water and shelter. 

He also said that they are trying to encourage people to go to normal supermarkets instead of going to their own free ones. They would make supermarkets so people without a lot of money can still get the food they need and buy essentials for they’re family. In their ideal world people will only need to use their supermarkets once, after that they hope to be in a better position. 

They have over 400 people a day in their housing. When Murray spoke to us it made me think about how much of a difference they make in Wellington and how they help people in need and told us how we are able to help by donating.

By Charlie

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