Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Cardiovascular System: Thank You to our Special Guest, Bec!

Thank you to Bec who talked to us yesterday about what happens to your body when you exercise. Here are some of our Quick Writes about Bec's talk:

What I learned today about health? 
I learned about the cardiovascular system I learned that when you get stitch it is because you can’t breathe and you need to slow down and sometimes when you keep going you can vomit. I also learned about VT1, VT2 and V2o max VT1 is  when you breathe slightly deeply. VT2 is when you are breathing really deep. V2o max is when you are working to the max. When you get stitch you need to take an extra breath every 8 words. Fun fact: Never stretch before you exercise, just stretch after.
By Orla

Today Bec, Emelia's mum came in and talked to us about the cardiovascular system and about VT 1 VT 2 and VT+ . VT 1 is just when your running normally and just breathing normally and VT 1 is when your really out of breath and you just cant get enough oxygen and you start getting stitch and you start getting lactic acid in your body, when you get to much lactic acid you throw up and your normal again and the lactic acid is what makes you have stitch. You also have an anaerobic system which is where all your VT 1 VT 2 and VT +. The thing that helps you get rid of lactic acid is to slow down not to stop.
By Nela

Today Bec came in to talk about cardiovascular system. She told us that if when your running you can get into VT1 and VT2. VT1 is that you can talk normally but you are a bit puffed. VT2 is when you can't talk your puffed and you have the stitch. When you are in VT2 your muscles let out acid that goes into your Stomach, Organs and stuff like that. When you've finished doing whatever your doing you normally feel like your going to puke. If your in VT2 then slow down.
By Alba

Today I learnt how you get stitch...  
Let's say it like this: you were running up a hill. You started puffing hard, because of how fast you were running. But ate the same time you were eating a banana. Your body will get confused, not knowing What to do. Digest the food or run?? It uses up energy. If you body try's to do both, You will get stitch.
By Kirsty

We have been working in different rotations in the last couple of days. We have been learning about Nutrition + Water, Rest/Sleep, Cardiovascular system and Muscle Growth.

In the Cardiovascular System Rotation we read:

We also did this quiz: 

Here is a poem that we read: 

The most complicated words that can be easily translated!

When Googling long words, we came across some super long words that mean different things.

We have Unnighaforepreapropreantepenultimate which means tenth to last! Nighaforepreapropreantepenultimate which means ninth to last!
Aforepreapropreantepenultimate which means eighth to last!
Forepreapropreantepenultimate which mean seventh to last!
Preapropreantepenultimate which means sixth to last!
propreantepenultimate which means fifth to last!
preantepenultimate which means forth to last!
Antepenultimate which means third to last!
Penultimate which means second to last!
Ultimate which means last!!!!

Healthy Statistics!

In Maths we have been learning about graphs. We have been making Tally Charts and Bar Graphs. Our Bar Graphs look like little cities.

We learnt about CUTLASS as a checklist for our graphs.
C is for Categories
U is for Units
T is for Title
L is for Labels
A is for Anna's check of flair
S is for Shape
S is for Size

By Eden, Joni and Alexandra

Friday, 27 October 2017

Harry Potter Lunch!

This week we had the much awaited Social Group Harry Potter Lunch. We had a HUGE turnout! We did
- A Harry Potter Quiz
- Sorted everyone into Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.
- Made our own wands
-Watched Harry Potter Puppet Pals

We hope everyone had fun! Big Shout out to the people who organised it, and everyone who came.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Our day of sport at the ASB Centre

Today we went to the ASB Centre and everyone had the chance to play five sports: futsal, handball, basketball, floorball and touch rugby. We had 45 minutes with each game. There was lots of focus on skill development, working in teams and learning the new games. It was great fun! We're

ASB Reflection Today I reached my attitude goal which was to look forward running in all the games.I found it quite tiring but it was really fun to learn how to do handball and turbo touch.The sports we did were Futsal, Handball, Floorball, Basketball and turbo touch. I found all the games really fun.My favourite part of the day was floorball.A challenge for me was probably catching the rugby ball and throwing it really far without hitting the ground.
By Orla

ASB Today at the ASB we played futsal,hand-ball,floor-ball,basket-ball and turbo touch.I had a very good day and loved all the sports and hope to do it again some time.My favourite part was futsal because it was pretty much indoor football.One of my challenge was was floor-ball because at the end we were down to two players and a goaly.

By Edward

By Ruby

Quick write ASB The ASB was really fun. We did footsal basketball hand ball turbo touch and floor ball. My favourite sport was floor ball. Where we played a game where the person running it would call a number and the people who had those numbers would run around the goal and try to score.
By Hugo W

WCC Nursery Visit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.32.24 PM.png
A beautiful bunch of Nikau.

Today we went to the Wellington City Council nursery of plants.
We went to the plant nursery and we learn’t lots about plants and how to take care of plants, shrubs and other things.

We learned that our ancestors turned most of the hills into sheep paddocks by chopping trees and clearing the land. Houses are there now and WEEDS.  The council wants to turn it back to a native environment by planting the native trees that used to be there.  These include Kowhai, flax, Nikau, Totara, Miro and about 150 other species.
Also a lot of modern nurseries are very big and have robots running the operation. The city council one is smaller and people do all the work. There are still thousands of plants and most of them are natives.

Dave the nursery manager showed us around.  We looked in all the shade houses, from the smallest, newly germinated plants to the ones which are a few years old almost ready for planting out.
Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.32.35 PM.png
  Fun facts about plants  
  •  When you grow kowhai in a plastic bag it will spiral up the plastic bag like a staircase.
  • They are inventing new ways to pot plants so that they don’t use plastic.  One of the new methods is made from a composite of pine bark.  
  • Some pots are designed to encourage root growth throughout the pot. These pots encourage root growth and are recyclable because they open out.           

To be Leaders in the Shade House We will need to:
  • Think about what plants we want to grow, endemic species not weeds
  • Look after the plants that are growing
  • Tell other kids about what is happening in the Shade House and show them how to respect the plants
  • Teach other kids to be leaders especially some of the year 3 kids
  • Organising a supply of seed raising mix and gravel.  How do we fund this?

What we Need to do in our Shade House.
  • Learn about the species we need to grow
  • Find seeds and people who can help us collect them, maybe Joakim.  (Seed collection permit?)
  • Investigate how much water is needed
  • Get a supply of seed raising mix and fine gravel
  • You need to know what the plants feel like and you need to know if they need to be in light, shade or something inbetween.

We finished off our tour by planting some flax seeds.  

We thought it was very good place for plants to grow and it was very fun and we learnt a lot. We are very lucky to be able to go to that place and we also thank  John .  “Thank you John”


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Health Groups

On Wednesday afternoons we work in our Health Groups. We work with other people who have similar fitness goals. We can choose to run, walk or run/ walk. We also know that it is important to stretch after exercise. 

We are training for a 3 hour hike in Otari. We are also training for a Duathlon where we will be raising money for KidsCan. More details to come...

We are proud of every one of our students for setting great goals for themselves and making big improvements already!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Lunches in Schools Around the World

After watching the Jamie Oliver clips about Nutrition we wanted to find out a little bit more about what students in other schools eat for lunch. We got some responses from schools in New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, USA and Luxembourg.

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Sustainable Coastlines

Today Oliver and Megan from Sustainable Coastline charity visited us to talk about what is happening with all the plastic rubbish that ends up in the ocean. It is harming the sea birds, the sea creatures and the environment. We all agreed to spread the word about plastics and to try to stop using single use plastic so that we can enjoy the beach, and so can all the creatures who live there.

After the talk, our Year 5 students did a beach clean up!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Celebrating Diwali through drama and designing rangoli patterns

It's the Indian festival of Diwali at the moment. To celebrate, we've been learning about the story behind Diwali, and Rama and Sita's exile from their kingdom and then their return with the help of Hanuman, king of the monkeys. We acted it out and also wrote about some of the main characters in the legend...


His ten heads swinging and snapping, his twenty arms flailing wildly, the demon king launched himself into the battle!  Ten of his twenty glowing red eyes searching for Rama. I need to kill that man he thought. He kept moving though because he knew that if he stopped the monkey army would sooner or later find his weakness.  Suddenly he saw Rama.  He sprinted towards him and started slashing at him with ten sharp swords! Rama responded immediately and with the battle raging around them they fought their own battle.  Ravana fought like, a demon.

By Hugo M

We've also been designing rangoli art to celebrate Diwali. We had to show how we could transform 2D shapes by doing some tessellation, rotation, reflection and translation.

Some of us made videos to show this maths learning instead of art.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Fitness Baseline Data

As part of our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Inquiry, we have been gathering some baseline data. We have chosen our "Health Groups" and will be working together to improve our fitness over the next 10 weeks.

We did a beep test and have recorded our resting pulse and pulse after exercise.

We have used the LEARN framework to set health goals for ourselves.

L: Learn to give ourselves feedback
E: Exercise
A: Attitude
R: Rest
N: Nutrition

Athletics Training

Yesterday we started training for our WBS Athletics (next Friday 27th October). We did long jump, sprinting, throwing quoits and throwing vortex. Our Inquiry is called, "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?" and we are looking forward to our summer of fitness. 

Road Patrol in Sunny Term 4

We have had a great sunny start to the Term! We have also had a great start to road patrol  with our road patrollers always punctually ready to go out and serve our school.

Check out the new schedule in class!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Nutrition: Jamie Oliver

As part of our "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?" Inquiry we are learning about healthy eating. To spark our thinking we watched videos about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They were so shocking, surprising and fascinating! 

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