Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Cardiovascular System: Thank You to our Special Guest, Bec!

Thank you to Bec who talked to us yesterday about what happens to your body when you exercise. Here are some of our Quick Writes about Bec's talk:

What I learned today about health? 
I learned about the cardiovascular system I learned that when you get stitch it is because you can’t breathe and you need to slow down and sometimes when you keep going you can vomit. I also learned about VT1, VT2 and V2o max VT1 is  when you breathe slightly deeply. VT2 is when you are breathing really deep. V2o max is when you are working to the max. When you get stitch you need to take an extra breath every 8 words. Fun fact: Never stretch before you exercise, just stretch after.
By Orla

Today Bec, Emelia's mum came in and talked to us about the cardiovascular system and about VT 1 VT 2 and VT+ . VT 1 is just when your running normally and just breathing normally and VT 1 is when your really out of breath and you just cant get enough oxygen and you start getting stitch and you start getting lactic acid in your body, when you get to much lactic acid you throw up and your normal again and the lactic acid is what makes you have stitch. You also have an anaerobic system which is where all your VT 1 VT 2 and VT +. The thing that helps you get rid of lactic acid is to slow down not to stop.
By Nela

Today Bec came in to talk about cardiovascular system. She told us that if when your running you can get into VT1 and VT2. VT1 is that you can talk normally but you are a bit puffed. VT2 is when you can't talk your puffed and you have the stitch. When you are in VT2 your muscles let out acid that goes into your Stomach, Organs and stuff like that. When you've finished doing whatever your doing you normally feel like your going to puke. If your in VT2 then slow down.
By Alba

Today I learnt how you get stitch...  
Let's say it like this: you were running up a hill. You started puffing hard, because of how fast you were running. But ate the same time you were eating a banana. Your body will get confused, not knowing What to do. Digest the food or run?? It uses up energy. If you body try's to do both, You will get stitch.
By Kirsty

We have been working in different rotations in the last couple of days. We have been learning about Nutrition + Water, Rest/Sleep, Cardiovascular system and Muscle Growth.

In the Cardiovascular System Rotation we read:

We also did this quiz: 

Here is a poem that we read: 

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