Friday, 13 October 2017

Dave the Chicken: Travelling Tales

By Alastair
This is a Travelling Tale named "Dave the Chicken" created by 5 schools from around the world. This was made by students from schools in Bahrain, USA, Columbia and New Zealand.  

Students from the senior area at Worser Bay School created the beginning of the story. 

This was the beginning of the story written by Alastair: Once there was a chicken called Dave. Dave liked bread and silver beat. Dave lived in a farm with 700 other chickens. There owner was fat and liked staying in bed and eating chocolates. One day Percy the cow accidentally stood on Rosie the crow. And the farmer threw a news paper at her. 


By Parker
By Haare

Dave the Chicken by Lachlan
By Lucas

One of our learners attributes is "I am connected." We are aiming to connect globally so that we have a better understanding of the world around us: 

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