Thursday, 26 October 2017

Our day of sport at the ASB Centre

Today we went to the ASB Centre and everyone had the chance to play five sports: futsal, handball, basketball, floorball and touch rugby. We had 45 minutes with each game. There was lots of focus on skill development, working in teams and learning the new games. It was great fun! We're

ASB Reflection Today I reached my attitude goal which was to look forward running in all the games.I found it quite tiring but it was really fun to learn how to do handball and turbo touch.The sports we did were Futsal, Handball, Floorball, Basketball and turbo touch. I found all the games really fun.My favourite part of the day was floorball.A challenge for me was probably catching the rugby ball and throwing it really far without hitting the ground.
By Orla

ASB Today at the ASB we played futsal,hand-ball,floor-ball,basket-ball and turbo touch.I had a very good day and loved all the sports and hope to do it again some time.My favourite part was futsal because it was pretty much indoor football.One of my challenge was was floor-ball because at the end we were down to two players and a goaly.

By Edward

By Ruby

Quick write ASB The ASB was really fun. We did footsal basketball hand ball turbo touch and floor ball. My favourite sport was floor ball. Where we played a game where the person running it would call a number and the people who had those numbers would run around the goal and try to score.
By Hugo W

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