Thursday, 19 October 2017

Celebrating Diwali through drama and designing rangoli patterns

It's the Indian festival of Diwali at the moment. To celebrate, we've been learning about the story behind Diwali, and Rama and Sita's exile from their kingdom and then their return with the help of Hanuman, king of the monkeys. We acted it out and also wrote about some of the main characters in the legend...


His ten heads swinging and snapping, his twenty arms flailing wildly, the demon king launched himself into the battle!  Ten of his twenty glowing red eyes searching for Rama. I need to kill that man he thought. He kept moving though because he knew that if he stopped the monkey army would sooner or later find his weakness.  Suddenly he saw Rama.  He sprinted towards him and started slashing at him with ten sharp swords! Rama responded immediately and with the battle raging around them they fought their own battle.  Ravana fought like, a demon.

By Hugo M

We've also been designing rangoli art to celebrate Diwali. We had to show how we could transform 2D shapes by doing some tessellation, rotation, reflection and translation.

Some of us made videos to show this maths learning instead of art.

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