Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Creative Alchemy

 We were lucky to have a local artist come in and work with us today. Stephanie talked to us about emotions and how they represent energy in motion. Each of us did some deep breathing and then thought about how she or he was feeling. Then we painted that feeling. As we painted, different things happened. For some, the feeling intensified, for others it moved to another feeling and for others it stayed the same.

As part of our Inquiry into Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds, and our focus on Positive Education, we're learning that we can use art and other forms of creative expression to release emotions and work through emotions that we're struggling with. It's important not to judge any emotion, but have ways to manage them.

Thanks very much for coming in to work with us today Stephanie. Have a look on seesaw to see your child's art and explanation of what they were feeling.

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