Friday, 17 November 2017

Brain Memory Game: we are all so different!

We did some learning about how we all learn really differently!

We are engaged and motivated by different things, we remember things in different ways and we like to express what we know in different ways. This is because our brains are really different from each other. In order to investigate how we work differently, we played a memory game to try and remember a bunch of random objects. We all tried our own strategy and then shared back as to how we remembered the objects.

Different people were motivated to play this game by different things. Some people were motivated by the challenge, some people were motivated because it was fun, some people were motivated by the competitive element, while some people were motivated because it was a familiar game to them.
We are all motivated by different things!

Some people remembered the objects by alphabetical order. Some categorised them by where you find them in a house. Some visualised the objects in order to remember them. There were so many different strategies used! It was so cool to think about how this applies to our learning and how one size most definitely does not fit all! Check out a video we watched about this and some pictures of our memory game on the blog.

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