Monday, 13 November 2017

The Brain and Maths

As part of our Inquiry, "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?" we have been learning about the brain. We did some learning about Growth Mindset and Maths. We found out how learning happens.

We know that Maths is a creative subject and anyone can learn it!

Today we watched a video about Maths Myths and the Brain by Jo Boaler. We found out that a myth about Maths is that people are not born gifted. Anyone can learn Maths and anyone can do well if they practise, persevere and accept challenges.

When you learn something, synapses fire in the brain. Pathways are formed and the more you return to an idea the stronger the pathways get. When you learn something your brain grows and the learning sticks if you learn it deeply and come back to it often. When you make mistakes synapses fire and the brain grows.

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