Friday, 24 November 2017

Emails from Leola and Violeta

We received emails from Leola and Violeta. It was great to hear about how they are getting on in Spain! You can respond to them in the Padlet below. 

Hi I'm Leola. Here at home we already have desks to study at home, because we thought that our bedroom was too kidish. At school we have a very funny teacher who reminds me of John. His name is Jose Manuel, but he doesn't play the guitar. Our English teacher is called Rocio. Here we have a thing called Talleres( workshops) once a week which is my favourite subject. We are separated into 4 groups (3th and 4th of primary) and one goes to art ,another one to crafts another one to I.T. and finally another one to theater. Anyways to what we were going, I'm having a great time here in Spain.😁.
I miss you!

Hi everyone. I'm Violeta . I'm very well here and I miss you all. My school here is very different, maths is really different. The cursive letter wasn't so important. In maths we are starting to divide because we have finished with the multiplying. In literacy we are with a thing that doesn't exist there. How is everything there? Here it's good very good. Here as a subject we have got English and it's super easy for me and Leola.

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