Wednesday, 29 November 2017

African Dance--trying new things and growing our minds and bodies

We were lucky to have Naby visit us and teach us some traditional West African dance, drumming and singing.   First he showed us some dance, then we sang some songs, practised dancing and then learned a bit about the drums.  He showed us three different drumming sounds.  He explained that the sounds are like a family there is the deep sound which he called the Daddy, a slightly higher one that is called the Mommy and the highest sound was the baby.  
Each class had a turn at trying the dance and then the teachers did it too!  

Today we had an African visitor, he is from New Guinea, Africa and his name is Naby. In the band Caleb's  mum is one of  the drummers. She also came with a different band last year. It was musically wonderful. We danced like Africans and it was great.

Megan and Ruby

Dancing with Naby
Today at the start of the second bit of literacy we all went outside year six five three two and one. The reason we were outside is because a man called Naby was going to show us how to count and dance in african! It was really fun and I had a great time, it was very tiring and hot. It the end me and a handful of all the others years had to get up front and do the dancing.

Ollie H

The dancing and drumming were really good for our maths because we had to count the beats.  
1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,8

Learning about African Dance was really good for us to be able to see how different places, people and cultures sing and dance and for us to give something new a try.  Everyone did give it a try and we know that when we try new things we grow our brains! Music and dancing are also really great for our wellbeing and link to our positive health curriculum.  Singing and dancing out in the sunshine and with the birds was lots of fun and got us moving and grooving! 

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