Thursday, 23 November 2017

Last of our Languages for 2017!

Our Language programme has been a huge highlight this year. With our Extravaganza next week (at 6.30pm) and Beach week the following two weeks - today was sadly our last language session for 2017. We have been so lucky to have a taster of French, German, Spanish, Maori and Mandarin.

We are incredibly grateful to the parents who have come in to share their language and culture.
Big shoutout to Cloe (Anatole's Mum), Maria (Leola and Violeta's Mum), Sarka (Jan's Mum), John and Wanwan.

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  1. Hello everybody !

    We congratulate you for your desire to speak other languages than yours. We hope you enjoyed speaking French. Thanks a lot to Cloé who seems to be a great French ambassador in New Zealand.
    Vive l’amitié entre nos deux peuples !

    Serge Galligani et les élèves du CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France