Monday, 3 July 2017

Art Celebration by Alastair

Art Celebration

We are excited about the art exhibition because we get to present our sculptures then and show our work in front of our parents, family and friends. My groups sculpture is called the fly fighters. They are made to blow in the wind. On one side there is a tie fighter and on the other there is a x wing from star wars. They work because of a bearing attached to dowels which blow the planes around when the wind blows them. We are going to attach the the fly fighters with tape so the fighters will hang on the ceiling with the tape. I am also excited about seeing other group's sculptures as well. We have been doing other art as well like the cherry blossom trees made with ink and straws. And paper stars for Matariki in them I chose Ururangi for my star. One of my favourite sculptures was the ones on bottom grass. They spin in the wind. There is a big one that stands on a pole. And the other ones stand on bricks or the ground. The fastest one is the medium sized one it is also my favourite wind sculpture that uses wood and wind. And for my sculpture we also had to do a prototype so we knew what the sculpture looks like and if it would work or not. We tested the prototype with Henry's fan and it worked.

Come and see our wonderful art on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th at 5-7pm.

By Alastair

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