Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Dot

Today we did an experiment where half the group got a dot sticker on their hand. The people that had a dot on their hand got to play anywhere at morning tea and got to use computers and got to boss the people with no dots around. They had 9:00 - 12:00 to use the things they got to use. It was unfair to the people who didn't have a dot. When you didn't have a dot you could only play in the court ground and didn't get to sit on chairs and couldn't use computers or iPads. I thought it wasn't fair. At 12:00-3:00 the people that had no dot got to do what the dot people got to do in the morning. I thought this was sort of fun but it wasn't fair for the others so I didn't boss people around.
By Mia

Today we did an experiment. People with dots had power like siting on chairs or making people do stuff  for like get as a pencil or tell them to do a joke. The people who did not have the dots  could not sit on chairs or use a chrome book or have any power. But if someone who had a dot asked you for something you would have to do it. But then we swaped and it did not fell right because my friends did not have the dot.
By Isabel

When I was powerful I felt like I was kind of normal but people could only stay at middle court and the other kids could go all around the school. I thought that the others were not very happy and some people didn't listen to the people who were powerful .

When I was not powerful I would just go with the flow.
By Eleanor

By Milla

Today some people had dots on their hands. If they had a dot they get to use chrome books and sit on ottomans and chairs. The people with no dots weren't allowed to use chrome books, not allowed to sit on ottomans or chairs. They had to sit or kneel on the ground. At the start I didn't have a dot but Mitchell gave me the dot power. That means I can do what the dot people can do even though I didn't have a dot. I let him borrow some of my pens. I think it was fair because everyone got a turn, but at the start some people were trying to get a turn with a dot. It was hard not having a dot. I had to sit on the floor. I felt good at the start but after a while I didn't feel so good until Mitchell gave me the dot. By Lachlan

By Evie

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