Thursday, 6 July 2017

Sid the Snail: Quick Write

We wrote a story about Sid the Snail as a "Quick Write." The challenge was to include as much shape vocabulary as possible. We had 10 minutes to write...

Sid the snail was in a grumpy mood that day so he didn’t go for his big morning walk around his large pentagon garden. Surprisingly that day his potatoes grew to dodecahedrons instead of circles. His house was a triangular prism. His dog is a rectangle. Sid loves parallel things but his favourite shape was a sphere.
By Hunter T

A snail shaped story  
Once there was a snail called Sid. Although he was slow, he liked to roam around the the square garden and the cube bird bath. He loved to paddle in the small rectangular perimeter of the puddle in the corner of the square area in the garden. Sid wanted more than the square garden and the cube bird bath so he made his way out of the octahedron shaped gate. The world outside of the square garden,  the town, was full of shapes. The church was a pyramid and the town square was as beautiful as the garden the circular fountain reminded him of the cube bird bath.
By Kaia

Snail Shape Story  
Diamond the snail liked to go around the perimeter of the garden and liked to travel in a parallel lines. She went travelled through the area of the house. The house was a square. The table was a rectangle. The bed was a rock the shape of a pentagon. The face of the house was smaller and the bottom of the house was bigger and the roof was large but the backyard was the largest. She loved her ice cream cone. She ate it in her pyramid house and the ice cream scoop was a cube.

By Lily V

There once was a snail called Sid and he lived in a beautiful rectangular garden with a lot of shapes in it. One day Sid the snail went around the perimeter of the garden, he saw a lot of shapes and that this were this story starts.
So slowly walking around the perimeter of the garden he first saw a cube through a triangular window. Next he saw a dodecahedron painting through a square window and when he turned the corner he saw a pyramid. He looked straight up to see some parallel lines then a circular window with 2 lines through it. A sphere was his favourite shape.
By Alex P

There was once a snail called Sid and he was very slow but he still liked shapes and he went as fast as he could round the perimeter of the garden then he went into the area of the garden and helped himself to the circle apple. The square garden was bigger than the park that was rectangular and bigger than the pentagon park. His house was a triangular prism and the top of his house had a triangle face. His favourite toy was a 3D square and he enjoyed eating at a semi circle picnic table.
By Alex G

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