Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Quick Write: Our Value of Respect

At Worser Bay school we have a value called respect. We respect ourselves by ignoring things we don't like. I respect myself by making good decisions.  
Another part is to respect each other. If people get hurt you can help them. You can give them an ice pack if they want one.  
We need to respect the school environment. You also have to respect school equipment and put it back in the PE shed. If there is something on the floor then you put it away. Computers go in the safe. I am good at putting the computers away in the safe.
By Lachlan

Our school value is respect. We care about ourselves, each other and the environment. When we care about ourselves we don’t rip our books we keep our tote trays tidy and we listen. When we care about each other we help out, we don’t fight and we respect other people's things. When we care about the environment we don’t snap pencils, we don’t leave chromebooks and ipads on the ground, we don’t leave wrappers and plastic lying around on the ground, we don’t pull leaves of plants and we don’t throw things around.
By Alba

At Worser bay school we have one main rule and it is respect. We respect ourselves and each other and the environment and our things. We look after ourselves by being healthy and we try to be fit. We look after each other by helping them and being kind and letting people play with us. We look after the environment by watering plants and not kicking trees or pulling of branches and we respect the birds to. We look after our things by putting then away in the right spot and plugging in computers and iPads when they are low on charge.
By Mia 

At worser bay we have one value, Manaakitanga, respect. At worser bay we have to respect ourselves by respecting our health and mana (power). We also respect our environment and our classrooms. By doing this we are not leaving pencils on the floor, not leaving Chromebooks on the floor and most of all we respect the schools sport equipment. We have to also respect each other and their uniqueness because being different is great!
By Elliot

At Worser Bay School we have One value, it is respect. We respect our things, respect ourselves/ each other and respect the environment.
If we don’t respect those things then we need to… fess up, fix up and catch up. That’s how we can solve mistakes. 
For example, if your mum told you to get ready for school. If you ignored her and do silly things, eventually you will get in trouble. 
If you want to make it up then...fess up,fix up and catch up.
By Liam S

At worser bay school we have 1 rule and it is respect for the environment each other and ourselves We call it Manaakitanga.
Respect for the environment you can help by not littering  clean up after yourself  and some other things. 
Respect for each other is be nice don't use bad language and do not bully people.
Respect for yourself  is not bully people don't make a clown out of yourself and anything you think is bad do not do it.

By Joel

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