Friday, 7 July 2017

Skype Buddies

Recently we have been Skypeing with Aurora School. We have been reading and sharing poems and art with them. We have been doing a display of poems and art to go with it we decided to pick an animal and did a poem and picture to go with it and the poem is about the wind wishing to be an animal. These are some animals we did cat, dog x3, giraffe ,whale, pig and fox .
Sometimes we talk about what we have been learning  at school or we read together or they show as some work they have been doing.They are doing a presentation for some of their work and they are going to send it to us.

Today they showed us a display that they have been making about us. If you come into the classroom, you can see the display that we made about them.

By Yasmin, Orla and Isabel

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