Monday, 25 September 2017

DODGEBALL from the Social Group

We have been organising a few Dodgeball games throughout the term on a Friday.
Thanks to everyone who came down and played. You all played really well and we all had fun. Here is some 'Moment in Time' writing about playing.
Alastair, Haare, Parker, Jan, Joel and Hugo and the rest of the Social Club.

Who-oosh! A ball flew past my face only then I noticed I was in the battle field of dodgeball.Swiftly, I grabbed a ball and returned fire. The target dropped. I felt a hand grasp my shoulder and heard breathing. Someone was using me for protection.By Joel

3 2 1 go! I ran towards the balls lined up in the court. I lifted my arm to throw the ball and smashed the ball into some one in the back line and they smashed to the ground and ran to the  side bench. Poof! A person in my team got hit. “Ok, you're off”.  I ran onto the field as fast as the wind.  The balls were flying everywhere. People getting hit. Battle raging. Bang! I ducked as a ball flew past my head like a bird. “Phew. That was close”.  Seconds later……I ran threw a hail of fire of balls raining, pounding and spitting at me. But I dodged every shot. “I saw a netball on the ground and quickly grabbed it before anyone else could get it.I threw the ball. The ball flew high until came down and hit someone.   By Alastair

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