Thursday, 28 September 2017

Global warming - how you can make a difference

Some of our students have been looking at global warming as part of their student-led inquiry. They wanted to share their learning via this poster with you so we can all be more aware about how global warming will affect us.

Thanks Oscar and Henry


Ways we can help to stop global warming are to:
Plant more trees
Walk or drive electric cars
Saving engage around the house
Switching to compacted and fluorescent light bulbs
Reduce reuse and recycle
Use less hot water
Turn off electric devices when not in use and spread awareness.

Global warming notes/research.
  • Global warming at the current predicted rates will dive 15 to 37%  of living species toward extinction by mid-century.
  • The thicker layer of greenhouse gases traps more heat. This results in an increase in average temperature of the earth and the earth becomes hotter and hotter. This is called global warming.
  • If we don’t take steps to reduce global warming, it will to loss of humans like, plants and animals  

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