Monday, 25 September 2017

Worser Bay sure has some talent!

Huge SHOUTOUT to all of the participants, finalists, organiser and audiences who helped make Worser Bay's Got Talent happen.

Here is some writing about it from the organisers.

There were so many good acts and everyone had lots of fun auditioning and no one got upset that they didn’t get in. Also everyone did something creative and did something different. Our top finalists were really happy that they got in but it all came down to the finals the five finalists all did really well they were Talia and Eva, Alex B, Coco, Liam, Lucas and Alastair.
By Orla

Today we did Worser Bay's got talent. Everyone did their hardest and all gave it their best shot. But it all came down to the finals. Our top 5 finalists Talia and Eva Lucas and Alistair, Coco, Liam and Alex.
By Molly

“ And welcome to Worser Bay Got Talent.” I heard Mia shout to all the auditioners.  

We called the first auditioner. Then the next and the next and the next until the day was finished, oh what a great time we had!”
By Alba

“And welcome to Worser Bays got talent 2017, and yes we want all talented people from Worser Bay school”. All the judges were waiting as the first auditioner came out, “hello Liam” all the judges said “when you're ready” ……… “very good Liam” next up is …..

The following week
“Here we have all the finalists, we have Liam, Eva and Talia, Lucas and Alistair,  Alex barnes and last but not least Coco. You have all done very well”.
By Mia

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