Thursday, 7 September 2017

Statistical Investigations - Do we interact enough with our families? What gets in the way?

As part of of Power of the People Inquiry, we thought about how we can bring greater peace in our families. Something that came out of this was - are we interacting enough with our families? And if so, what do we do when interacting with them? What is getting in the way?

John and Anna's Maths groups decided to create our own Statistical Investigation's to try an answer the question
'Are people at Worser Bay School interacting with their families?'

It was a really tricky one with lots of different aspects - but our end goal was to start to think about taking initiative to hang out with our parents and families.

We all posed different questions around screen time, after school activities, eating around the dinner table and many more.

We followed the 'POSE a Question, PLAN an investigation, collect DATA, ANALYSE our data, and then make some CONCLUSIONS cycle' - also known as PPDAC.

Here is some of the findings we found!

We hope that after this investigation, we are inspired to think more about the POWER we have to decide what we do after school and if we are making the most of that decision. 

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