Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Discussion: What is "Home"?

As part of our Inquiry "Where we dance" we read some different stories to get us thinking about community. We listened to the story, Quaky Cat (this is a story from a cat's point of view about the  earthquake in Christchurch.) We had some great discussions and debate about what is the definition of home. We came up with some interesting ideas about what "home" means. 

During our discussion we put ourselves on a continuum. Some of us agreed with Henry who said you don’t need a house to feel at home (you just need to be safe). Some of us agreed with Caspian who said home should be a building (a shelter).
A home is something that shelters you. It usually has somewhere you can sleep, somewhere where you can eat, play and cook. Alex’s idea is home is something that you like. If you are homeless you sleep in a blanket or cardboard box. Alex would say it is home for a homeless person. It is just putting a cardboard box and sleeping there waiting for some money and it doesn’t have shelter for you. It is like putting a chair in the middle of the road. You can’t call that your home.

A home is a place where you feel safe. Even though some people live on the streets they still call it a home. Some people were born on the streets and love living on the streets. They would still call anything a home, maybe a tent, a shelter, a bench or anything as long as it feels nice and comfortable. You might think it has to be a shelter but it doesn't, if it was then a house would be called a home.

home is not a quake or shiver
home is not a piece of life 
home is not to tear you apart 
home is not a monster. 

Home is not for you tear apart 
Home is here for YOU !

Jasmine and Stella
Home is a place were you feel safe and secure. Home is somewhere you can meet your family and live with your family. Home can be a place can be out side on a beach or in a park. Home is a a place that you will never forget till you die, even if you go round carrying a blanket and you sleep in the same place. It is still a home.

The Definition Of A Home Is: 
A warm/cozy place that you feel safe in. 
A place where you can make/ have memories. 
Where you can rest and stay sheltered from bad weather or bad people. 
A home is a place that makes you happy in the heart and soul. 
A place where you can eat, sleep and proses your pride positions. 
All around a place where you can live. 
Not A Home: 
Cold ,dark and empty place 
A bus stop 
A place where your not happy

What is a definition of a home? where your family come together. When you feel safe and have an eco-friendly environment. it’s a place where you can rest and just be yourself and calms you down after a hard day at work. A home can be any were but you need to feel safe. A house is just a building but a home is safe happy and cheerful a home is were you belong.

A home is a place where you live which doesn't have to be a building like you could live on the street but if you keep coming back it is sort of a home or it could be a building. Some people say a home is wherever you feel safe but I can feel safe in a hug but that isn't my home because it isn't where I live.

Hunter T
A home is a place where you are safe, 
A home is a place where you can rest and relax, 
A home is a place where your family can come together, 
A home is a place where you can play games and be silly. 

I like home because I can invite friends over, 
I like home because I can pick a clover, 
I like home because I can be with my Dog, 
I like home because I usually don't see a hedgehog. 

Home is what I call nice because I see dead mice. 
Home is what I call cheerful because 
Everyone has a home in their life.

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