Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Making Connections to help us with our "Maths is Beautiful" Inquiry

Eiffel Tower by Caspian
We have been thinking about the beauty in Maths. As part of our Inquiry, some of us have been thinking about Architecture and Maths.

One of our questions was: What was the design and building process for making the Eiffel Tower?

Our friends at Brindas School in France helped us to answer some of these questions and they made a movie for us. 

Caspian and Sammy responded: 

Dear Friends at Brindas School (CM2), 

Thank you for making the video about the Eiffel Tower. We are interested in the Eiffel Tower in France because it is a different shape than a normal building. It is different from the many varieties of buildings in the world. Its structure and shape is interesting. We wanted to study this more. 

There are 4 arches holding it up and they are on an angle. It is interesting how the arches can hold all of the weight of the tower. 

The video was really cool because it showed us the building process. We knew that the Eiffel Tower was built a long time ago but we did not know it was built in the 1870s. We liked the shape part of the video. We liked the statistics too. There is a Paris restaurant in Las Vegas. It is built in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. 

Thank you again, 

Caspian and Sammy

Brindas School and some other schools also added to these slides about the Beautiful Ideas in Maths:

Our learner attribute focus for this term is "I am Connected!" We are really excited to be connecting locally, nationally and internationally... 

Here is our Learner Attribute:

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