Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Where we dance

We have started a new Inquiry "Where we dance". We are looking at our neighbourhoods - who is in them, what is in them, where are our special happy places. We have done some quick writes with initial ideas, and some poetry and songwriting about these places. We hope to make our neighbourhoods places where people connect more often.

Here's some of our writing:

What is in our local area In our environment three are living things like humans, animals and plants. One of my favourite of places in our local area is the beach because it's so beautiful. Our local area is special because it has great views and secret paths that are filled with trees, flowers and other plants. Our peninsula is called Miramar peninsula it was originally was behind a big hill so they had to cut a whole through it to make an entrance to Miramar. That's why Miramar is surrounded by hills it has to beaches that lap around Wellington. Miramar is lovely in the summertime it's so nice we got to the beach go rock pooling their and we have a paddle board that we go out in sea deep on and look at the beautiful sea life and my absolute favourite thing in Miramar peninsula is eating ice creams at schorchorama cafe in Scorching Bay.

By Yasmin

What is in my neighbourhood? Hello my name is Eleanor and I go to Worser Bay School. By the way if you live in Wellington (oh and I live in Wellington) you need to go to Worser Bay School! In my neighbourhood there are lots of kids from school playing about. there are lots of lovely people in my neighbourhood. They're so kind and loving! I smell the fresh NZ air and NZ native birds chirping 24/7. The water evaporates under my feet as I slowly walk to my friends house that is right next to mine. Katherine is one of my closest friends and she is kind and the best Gymnast I ever know! Kids running home with ice creams in there hand and their smile is as big as their face! The sun strong and the wind is calm. Water everywhere, people screaming and laughing. THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!!!!

In Townsend Rd you can see lots of things like cats, dogs,t rees and lots of tree houses but the most best part about it is that everyone is friendly. (Except this one lady that's always raging angry). In our neighbourhood we get lots of tuis, fantails, bell birds and magpies, mainly because we have a massive bird feeder.

By Cameron

Quick write about worser bay and Miramar

What is in our local area? 
Our local area is worser bay and Miramar. Our area is really nice and free. One of the things in worser bay or Miramar is living near the beach because in the summer all you have to do is pack some stuff check with your parents maybe phone up your friends to find out if they are around a go down to the beach. On the beach there is also the worser bay boating club. I like to walk up to the prison on the top of the hill and look at this old building. When you come down from the prison there is this garden that is almost impossible to see because it is inside the bush. When you know you come across the garden is when you see a beautiful well and a little path leading into a clearing with butterflies. It is so magical. 

What makes our place special? 
Our place is special because we are not like other places because most other places are strict about kids walking alone and just popping to the play ground. Our place let’s kids walk alone and i think everybody is kinder than other country’s because if you saw a child that looked lost then they would come up to them and help them. I like the outer place because we are lucky to have the most amazing bush,hills and animals. 

Where do you hang out? 
I like to hang out down at the beach. I like playing at the beach with my friends. The secret garden is my favourite place. I like walking and hanging out in the bush because it is so magical almost as magical as the secret garden. How do you feel about these areas? I love these areas because they use a lot of nature and is inspired by the world around them. I feel like this area is magical and free.

By Nell

Worser bay, Worser bay. It’s where the seagulls squawk and wail. The waves crash on the beach and where dogs chase their tails. The school is always loud and you can hear it from the beach it’s a rowdy place on the outside but take a look in the rock pools and you will change your mind forever.

By Peter

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