Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Library Student Council

We have been learning how the books in the library are organised. We talked about how fiction books are organised by the last name of the author and got into a line that showed the order books we write would be put in. Lots of us have last names that start with S so we explored what would happen next, Sm (Smith) was before So (Sorsa).

Then we explored the Dewey Decimal System. We chose something we wanted to explore and took a guess what it was about then went and saw if we could find a book about that.

"Today we learned about the Dewey decimal system which is a system used in libraries to organise non-fiction books. The books are organised in numbers. We were interested in which categories animals were placed in and we guessed 500 and we guessed right 599.7."
By Alba and Nela

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