Thursday, 22 August 2019

Art Celebration: Cubism Group

Thank you to everyone who came to the Visual Art Celebration. We had lots of fun creating and preparing. Here is a showcase of the Cubism art...

Matilda: We have been drawing cubism. We have experimented with many different materials and art styles. We did 3 faces, one on brown paper with pastel, one on white paper with pencil, and one on magazine paper with sharpie. We drew our faces with Indian ink, and we decorated the frames with the things we like. We did name art, we wrote our names in block letters, drew lines through them and coloured them in with pencils. We were inspired by Picasso, the famous cubism artist.

Caleb: We have been working on drawing other people from different angles. But my favourite part was my name art. I first drew diagonal straight lines. Then I drew my name, next I coloured in my name with green and blue and the background yellow and orange, redish. I used orangy-red and yellow coloured pencils and normal pencil.

Eva: I am grateful that I finished all my artwork for the art celebration, in the end the art celebration was epic and totally worth all that time and sweat. I am grateful that my art skills have got much better after the art celebration.

This is our art celebration soundtrack. We have created this to entertain you while looking at our art. This piece of music is funky like cubism art. Scan you device on this QR code. By Theo, Liam, Luc and Finley

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