Thursday, 15 August 2019

Eastern Zones Swimming

On Wednesday, some of us went to Eastern Zones Swimming. We raced against other schools in the Eastern suburbs. 

I started off the day earlier than usual and I felt very nervous. When we got there I was helped find my way to the stands. At first I misheard the speaker and thought I was the first race but it turned out I wasn't. When it was my race turn I had to use bravery to go down and do the race. On my second race I found it difficult to swim because my breathing was very short. I used perseverance. I used zest and positivity! By Inigo

First race : Was really good because I came first but at the start I was a little nervous Second race : Was really good I came second and I wasn’t as nervous Third race : Was really good and I came second again and I wasn’t nervous at all BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WAS THAT I HAD FUN !!!!!! By Mae A

This eastern zones swimming day was probably my best one. It was pretty long most of the time. I was waiting on the seat staying there for the next race. What I learnt was that you should always try your hardest. It does not matter if you loose. It only matters if you don’t try your hardest. By Nikora

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